Ridgeline Technology is a leading ruggedized solutions provider that delivers portable information technology (IT) to government and enterprise customers. A Prize-winning woman owned small business offering Panasonic Toughbooks, Toughpads, and N2 Group products.

We have built a relationship with our vendors and customers that allows us insight into specific requirements of the end user. Current customers include, but are not limited to: U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps., U.S. Army, FEMA, EPA etc… Our mission is to become a trusted advisor to each customer by adhering to our core business values- combining a personal touch with unrivaled customer service.

Why Ridgeline

Ridgeline Technology’s philosophy and success is based on establishing life-long, customer community relationships. We pride ourselves on fostering an innovative client-centric approach, resulting in solutions that are in synch with ever-changing user requirements. This is achieved by taking the time to understand the issues relevant to our customers and collaborating together to define reliable, cost-effective deliverables. Our mission is to become a trusted advisor to each customer by adhering to our core business values—combining a personal touch with unrivalled customer service. Our solutions are proven in our support of diverse customer applications such as:

  • Equipping major metropolitan police forces units with mobile technology for detective units and in-vehicle, fleet management operations tools.
  • U.S. Air Force automated mission-planning for aircraft and guided munitions.
  • Portable hardware solutions such as rugged hard drives and Multi-Bay Chargers for Toughbooks for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and tactical local area network (TACLAN) programs to Unified Commands.
  • Power solutions such as Multi-Bay Chargers for Toughbooks in support of Navy Electronic document management systems (EDMS) to major integrator, Intergraph.
  • Enterprise customer solutions including hospital patient healthcare administration systems.


“With a variety of sizes, portability and wide support, the DataBook provides a clear solution for the common problem of disk space limitation, no matter what the environment. The device certainly provides advantages over cumbersome and often temperamental tape drives.” — CRN (Computer Reseller News) Test Center

“A Revolutionary Improvement! With the introduction of the DataBook miniature 30GB external storage devices, the problem of limited chart data has been solved. Not only is it small, rugged and easy to connect and install, but for us, it can store all GNC, JNC, ONC, TPC, JOG, TLM, and most DTED and CIB5 from Pakistan through the East Coast of the United States.” — United States Air Force, AFMSS Global

“We’ve beat this hard drive up and it has performed impeccably. We’ve dropped it, thrown it around and abused both the Databook and its peripherals. I would certainly give it a stamp of approval for being Marine-proof and should be looked at seriously for future acquisition. It has certainly increased the efficiency of the shop and saved our data.” — United States Marine Corps, 11th Marine

Management Team

Susie Nettleton
530-889-1631 ext. 202

Scott Nettleton
530-889-1631 ext. 203

Jan O’Hara
Sr. Vice President of Sales

Greg Lewis
Director of Sales Operations
530-889-1631 ext. 200

Sara Mortensun
Director of Operations
530-889-1631 ext. 201